Hello!~ =)


Hello!~ 안녕!~ Përshëndetje!~ مرحبا!~ Прывітанне!~ Здравейте!~ Hola!~

你好!~ Bok!~ Ahoj!~ Hej!~ Hallo!~ Tere!~ Hei!~ Bonjour!~ Ola!~

Γεια σας!~ Alo!~ שלום!~ नमस्ते!~ Szia!~ Halo!~ Dia duit!~ Ciao!~ こんにちは!~

Sveiki!~ Здраво!~ سلام!~ Cześć!~ Olá!~ Привет!~ ¡Hola!~ Hallå!~ สวัสดี!~

Merhaba!~ Привіт!~ Chào!~ Helo!~ העלא!~

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[LL] Sogang-dae Soom Island’s Cafe CITA – Fan-tarts-tic

Sogang-dae Soom Island’s CITA – Fan-tarts-tic

Inspiration: Savoring Seoul: Pastry Heaven at Soomdo’s Cafe CITA

“I have a feeling that it’s actually CITA’s glass case full of tarts that brings in most of Soomdo’s visitors.”

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[LL] Hong-dae No Stress Kitchen – Breathe & Relax

Hong-dae No Stress Kitchen – Breathe & Relax

Inspiration: Savoring Seoul: Unwind at Hongdae’s No Stress Kitchen

“It’s the ideal place to sip on a beer (try the Bernini sparkling variety!) and calm your mind.”

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[Lyrics] Band-Aid – Noel

Band-Aid – Noel

반창꼬 – 노을

[Lyrics translation done by janetmphosis. Please take out with full credits.]

Yet another Han Hyojoo (한효주)-related post. She is perhaps my greatest female celebrity-crush. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a super big fan of Han Hyojoo’s works as an actress both on the small screen & the silver screen. In addition to her wonderful on-screen activities, Hyojoo unnie has proven that my love for her is worth it – she can sing too! Check out this other music-related post <Hide & Seek – Broccoli You Too ft. Han Hyojoo> for her song collaboration with K-indie band, Broccoli You Too.

The song in this post is off the soundtrack of Hyojoo’s latest movie, released in January 2013, with the same title as the movie – Love 911 (반창꼬 – lit. trans. Band-Aid). I’ve been meaning to watch the movie (co-staring the charming “turtle” (거북이~) Go Soo) ever since the teaser came out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Korea when the movie came out so I’ve been waiting day & night for the torrent to appear online. PS. I’m so getting the DVD of this movie when I get back to Seoul in the middle of this year (and not forgetting Only You’s DVD as well)! The movie is worth watching in my opinion; a heart-warming love story about learning to love again.

And although translated lyrics for this song are most likely available online, I decided to translate this song as part of a therapeutic attempt at getting over a love that was perhaps not meant to be. I shall not go into the details of my own sob-story but I all I want to say is that even though it still hurts, I think this song with its hopeful lyrics is possibly a significant part of the healing process.

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[LL] Jukjeon-dong Cafe Street – Sweet Escape

Jukjeon-dong Cafe Street – Sweet Escape

Inspiration: Gyeonggi Discovery: Jukjeon Café Street

“By day, this cobblestoned road is lined with lush green trees shading the patios of cafes and restaurants below. By night, the fairy lights in the storefronts and trees sparkle to make for a magical evening that anyone can enjoy.”

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[LL] Jeongja-dong Cafe Street – Off to Europe in Under An Hour

Jeongja-dong Cafe Street – Off to Europe in Under An Hour

Inspiration: KTO FB Fanpage Original: Cafe Hopping in Bundang

“As living in a fast-paced city like Seoul reserves precious little time for indulgence, coffee remains my peace of mind in a cup.”

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[LL] Jangchung-dong Jokbal Street – Melt in Your Mouth

Jangchung-dong Jokbal Street – Melt in Your Mouth

Inspiration: Seoul Food Tour with Haechi: Episode 3: Jongchung-dong’s Jokbal Alley

“This natural collagen improves skin elasticity and is effective at preventing wrinkles.”

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[LL] Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall & Haemultang Street – Mouthfuls of Sea

Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall & Haemultang Street – Mouthfuls of Sea

Inspiration: I was craving for haemultang (해물탕) (seafood stew) so I did a research of the best haemultang restaurants in Seoul. And I found that the best is not in Seoul but in nearby Bupyeong, Incheon (부평 인천) – an entire street full of haemultang restaurants!

“The taste of the sea in a single mouthful of stew.”

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